How to Host Google Meet on Mobile Phone and Laptop or PC

How to host Google Meet. In the current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools and campuses are ultimately forced to carry out the learning process online and do not hold face-to-face teaching and learning activities as usual.

how to host google meet

As a result, online video communication services such as Google Meet are increasingly being used. As a support tool in online classes, Google Meet is able to bring together up to 100 people in a meeting.

Before using Google Meet for online learning, of course we as teachers or lecturers must already know how to host Google Meet, then share the code or link so that other participants can join.

We can do meetings on Google Meet very easily via an Android smartphone and laptop or PC. Here’s a tutorial for you to follow.

How to Host Google Meet on Mobile Phone

  • Open the Google Meet app that has been installed on your Android smartphone.
  • Tap the create New meeting button.
  • There will be 3 options for you to host on Google Meet. Here’s the explanation:

  1. ‌Get a meeting link to share. Select this to create a Google Meet meeting code or link to share. You won’t be in the meeting immediately before entering the code into the Join with a code menu.
  2. ‌Start an instan meeting. Use this option to host Google Meet because you will be taken directly to the meeting room, and there will be a link or code that you can share.
  3. Schedule in Google Calender. This option is for holding scheduled Google Meet meetings. You must have installed the Google Calendar application first to be able to select this option.

  • After starting an instant meeting, you are now done creating meetings in the Google Meet app.

How to Host Google Meet on Laptop and PC

How to host Google Meet on laptops and PCs is actually the same tutorial as on previous Android phones. It’s just that, to use the Google Meet service on a laptop, you can only visit the official website because the Google Meet application for PC is still not available.

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  1. ‌Open the Google Chrome browser application on your laptop.
  2. ‌Make sure you are logged into your Google account to use the Google Meet service.
  3. ‌Visit the Google Meet website, the link is
  4. ‌Click New meeting, then select Start instant meeting.
  5. ‌Click Join now that your meeting is ready.
  6. ‌Copy the access info in the form of a Google Meet meeting link, then share it with all participants who will join.
  7. At this point, how to host Google Meet on a PC or laptop is complete.

By the way, if you want to see and change your name used during meetings, please visit how to change your name on Google Meet which was discussed in the previous article.

For a tutorial on how to make a Google Meet meeting room more complete and easy to understand, watch and practice the tutorial in the video below.

And that’s how to host Google Meet on a mobile phone and laptop or PC, it’s very easy to practice right? That’s enough for our meeting in the article on the Mang Idik blog this time. Thank you for visiting.

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