How to Fast Forward (Speed ​​Up) Videos in Android using the CapCut App

How to fast forward video in CapCut. In the world of video editing, fast forward can be interpreted as a technique of speeding up videos so that their duration is short without having to cut and delete certain parts. If you often skip 10 seconds while watching YouTube videos, it can also be called a fast forward technique.

how to fast forward video in capcut

The fast forward video effect can be used, for example, to create a timelapse video in which we know it records the journey of a scene or object over a fairly long period of time. Another example is to shorten a video tutorial doing something that is too long.

There are many video editor apps and special speed up video apps available on the Google Play Store that you can use to make fast forward videos on Android. Of the many existing applications, in this article I will only recommend the CapCut application or previously known as ViaMaker.

Besides being free, the CapCut application is also very easy to use to speed up a video on Android. Let’s learn and follow the tutorial below.

How to Fast Forward Video in CapCut

The tutorial how to fast forward videos in CapCut is more or less the same as how to change the speed in CapCut in the previous article, how to do slow mo in CapCut. Here’s step by step.

  1. ‌Create a new project in the CapCut application and add the video you want to speed up.

    add video you want to speed up

  2. ‌Cut the video if you only want to fast forward the video in a certain part.

    cut the video into two parts

  3. ‌Tap the video clip on the timeline then open the Speed ​​menu.

    open the speed menu

  4. ‌Select and tap the Normal menu option.

    select normal menu option

  5. ‌Finally, set the number of times your video will be speed up, the maximum that can be selected is up to 100 times.

    how to speed up video on android

As I said, it’s very easy to speed up videos on Android with the above application, right? As a complement, you can also add fast forward animated stickers and sound effects. Check out the fuller tutorial on the YouTube video below.

That’s a tutorial on how to fast forward (speed up) videos on Android using the CapCut application that I can explain in this article. If there is something you want to ask me, you can convey it through the comment box below. Thank you for visiting.

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