CapCut, Android Audio Speed ​​Changer App with Multiple Features

Audio speed changer app. Audio, be it music, songs, sound recordings, sound effects, etc., is the most important element to add when editing a video. Well, so that the use of audio can make videos more interesting, of course you can do some editing processes on your audio.

audio speed changer app

One of the editing processes that you can try and are used to by content creators is changing the audio speed. Of course you need an audio speed changer app to do that.

On the Google Play Store service, there are many music speed changer apps for Android that you can try. In addition, some video editor applications also have an audio speed converter feature so that you can use them as well as edit videos.

As per the title of this article, the audio speed changer app that I would recommend is CapCut or maybe you know it better as ViaMaker, it’s the same thing. The good news is that you can download, install, and use the CapCut app and all of its features for free.

Besides being able to change the audio speed, what other features and advantages of CapCut can be used to edit audio? Here’s the full discussion.

1. Increase the Audio Speed

The first advantage of CapCut is that it can increase the audio speed. Unmitigated, you can speed up audio in CapCut up to 100 times faster, you know!

Making audio or music sound faster can certainly be useful for several things. For example, to accompany dance videos with fast rhythms, make comedy sound effects, and so on.

2. Slow Down Audio Speed

In addition to speeding up, the CapCut application can also of course slow down the audio speed as well. The maximum audio speed that you can slow down using CapCut is 0.1 times.

Making music sound slower can also be useful for some purposes. Mainly to make it easier to create and edit dance videos to the beat of a very fast song.

3. Changing the Audio Pitch

Besides being able to speed up and slow down the speed of music, you can also use the CapCut application to change the pitch of the music.

Using the CapCut app, you can change the audio sound that you have increased the speed to be more shrill, while for the audio sound that has been slowed down you can change the speed to be deeper or bass.

Well, those are some of the features and advantages of CapCut as an audio speed changer app for Android that I can recommend for you to use in this article. If there is something you want to ask me, you can convey it through the comment box below.

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