How to Stabilize Videos on Android using the CapCut App

How to stabilize video on Android. One of the problems that are often experienced when taking videos by hand without using a tripod is that the video looks swaying or shaking so this is very annoying and uncomfortable to watch.

how to stabilize video on android using capcut app

The video stabilizer feature is actually already present in the default camera application of certain Android phones. Therefore, check your Android phone whether it has this feature or not.

If your Android phone has it, you can enable video stabilization on your Android before taking a video to minimize shake or shake in the recorded video.

Even if you don’t, or you already have a shaky video file, you can stabilize videos on Android using a video editor application or a special video stabilizer app that is widely available on the Google Play Store service.

One of the best video stabilization apps for Android that I recommend for you to use is CapCut or previously called ViaMaker. The good news is, you can download and install this app and all its features for free.

The tutorial on how to stabilize videos in CapCut is also very easy. Learn and practice the steps I demonstrate below.

Jalebi baby CapCut template

How to Stabilize Video on Android with CapCut

  1. Download and install the CapCut app on your Android phone.
  2. Open the app and create a new project.‌
  3. Select the video you want to stabilize and add it to the project.
  4. Tap the video clip on the timeline or open the Edit menu, it’s the same.‌
  5. Find the menu named Stabilize and open it.
  6. There are three levels of video stabilization that you can choose from, starting from minimal cropping, recommended, and most stable. For maximum results, choose the most stable level.
  7. Wait for the video stabilization process to finish.‌
  8. Finally, save your video to the gallery.

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For video results before and after stabilization as well as a complete tutorial on how to stabilize videos on Android, watch the YouTube video from the Make it Simple channel below to the end.

That’s a tutorial on how to stabilize videos on Android using CapCut which is one of the best video stabilization apps for Android. Did you find this article helpful? Write your feedback in the comment box below. Thank you for visiting.

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