I Am the One CapCut Template Link free Download and Edit

I am the one CapCut template. I am the one is a very popular pop and hip-hop/rap song by DJ Khaled featuring Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Chance the Rapper and Quavo which was released in 2017.

i am the one capcut template

Until now, the official music video for the song I’m the one has reached 1.6 billion views on YouTube. That is, of course, a very, very fantastic amount.

With so many views, it’s no wonder that I am the One is one of the most trending songs on TikTok and has many presets or video templates in the CapCut application.

The good news is, in this Mangidik.com article I have specially prepared for you two of the most popular and widely used I am the One Yeah CapCut templates on TikTok.

That is the I am the One CapCut template made by r e e from the Philippines that has been used 206.15K times.

I am the One CapCut Template Link made by r e e | Free Download

And the other one is the slow audio version of the I am the One CapCut template made by Nath.Editz which is also from the Philippines which has been used 1.89M times.

I’m the One CapCut Template Slowed Version made by Nath.Editz | Free Download

How to Edit I am the One Yeah CapCut Template

  1. ‌Choose one of the I am the One CapCut templates that you want and click the link.‌
  2. You will be on the official CapCut website and there just click the Use template in CapCut menu.
  3. You’re redirected to the CapCut app and you’ll see a preview of the I am the One template there. Just tap the Use template menu.‌
  4. Choose three photos if you use the I am the one who knocks CapCut template made by r e e, while if you use Nath’s template choose 5 photos, then tap Next.
  5. You’ll see the template preview again but this time with all your photos in it. Tap Export to save.
  6. Choose the resolution and video quality you want, the higher the better.
  7. Save your video without the CapCut watermark in it then wait a few seconds until the exporting process is complete.‌
  8. You have successfully used the I am the One CapCut template and now you can share your video on TikTok or other social media.

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Those are the two I am the One CapCut template links made by re e and Nath from the Philippines for you to download and use for free. Want to get more CapCut templates? Please request your desired template in the comments below. Thank you.

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