Minh Qui Flop CapCut Template, Try TikTok’s New Trends Now!

Minh qui flop CapCut template. Not a song, Minh Quí Flop [HN] is the username of one of CapCut’s video template creators from Vietnam.

minh qui flop capcut template

Minh Qui is now becoming famous and much sought after by people on Google searches especially after one of its templates became a new trend on TikTok.

His video preset that is now a trend is none other than the Thaikelavi CapCut template which he named beat 3 ảnh.

By simply replacing 3 photos in a template with 3 photos of yours, you can create cool video content and be part of the new trend on TikTok.

You can use his Thai Kelavi CapCut template at the link below. However, the sound used by this template is not Thaai Kelavi but another beat song. So prepare your song then edit your template by changing the song after use.

Thaikelavi CapCut Template created by Minh Quí Flop [HN]

Actually, Minh qui flop CapCut templates, TikTok Thaai Kelavi songs, and how to edit them I have discussed in the previous article. So please visit that article too.

As a form of our thanks to Minh Quí for creating and sharing his cool templates for free for us to use, let’s follow his accounts on CapCut (ID: Minhqui2k8) and TikTok (@minhqui8_). That way, you can always get other cool CapCut templates that he will make.

In conclusion, Minh Qui Flop [NH] is a CapCut template creator who became famous after one of his templates, the Thaikelavi CapCut template, became a new trend on TikTok.

Get lots of trending CapCut templates by accessing the CapCut Templates category page on this Mangidik.com blog. And if you want to get more CapCut templates, please request your desired template in the comments below. Thank you.

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