New Trend JJ CapCut Template Hey Whatsapp Everyone

New trend JJ CapCut template. JJ which stands for Jedag-Jedug is the name of a video editing style that is very popular, especially among young Indonesians.

new trend jj capcut template

Popularized in Indonesia, the Jedag-Jedug (JJ) video editing style has become known in several countries. Have you also heard or seen the examples of those Jedag-Jedug videos?

The number of video templates in the CapCut app that uses and is named with JJ or Jedag-Jedug is one of the strong reasons why this video editing style has become popular in many countries.

One of the CapCut video templates that has become a new trend on TikTok and is currently being sought after is the New Trend JJ CapCut template. Here is more information.

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New Trend JJ CapCut Template 2022 Link

You need to know, many template creators at CapCut, especially from Indonesia, have created and named their templates as New Trend JJ.

However, the most popular new trend JJ CapCut video template on TikTok is the one created by Ripedtx_ [ AM ].

He created a new trend JJ template by adding the voice “Hey whatsapp everyone / everybody” in the middle.

Currently, his new trend JJ whatsapp CapCut template has been used 42.01 thousand times and of course the number will continue to grow every day. Here’s the link.

new trend jj whatsapp capcut template link

New Trend JJ CapCut Template Download Link | Created by Ripedtx_

New Trend JJ CapCut Template Whatsapp Everyone Edit

  1. ‌Click link to the new trend JJ CapCut whatsapp template above.
  2. A new tab will open by accessing the new trend JJ CapCut template hey whatsapp location on the official CapCut website. Click Use template in CapCut.
  3. The new trend JJ template will be automatically found and previewed in the CapCut app. Tap Use template.
  4. Choose your three photos and tap Next to import them.
  5. The new trend CapCut whatsapp template will be back in preview along with all your photos in it.
  6. Tap the Edit text menu and change “isi terserah” to whatever word you like.
  7. Tap Export to save your video to the gallery.‌
  8. Choose the video quality first, 720 pixels is good enough.‌
  9. Save your video with the best option which is Export without watermark and let the exporting process run to completion.‌
  10. You have successfully used the new trend JJ CapCut template and you can directly upload the video to TikTok if you want.

And that’s it the New trend JJ CapCut template hey whatsapp everyone made by Ripedtx_ for you to download and edit for free. Want to get more CapCut templates? Please request your desired template in the comments below. Thank you.

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