How to Get 4K Quality on CapCut in Your Android

How to get 4K quality on CapCut. Lately the term 4K is very popular and is widely discussed on social media both by content creators, video editors, even by ordinary video editing app users. So what exactly is 4K?

how to get 4k quality on capcut

4K is one of the levels of video resolution that refers to a horizontal display resolution of around 4,000 pixels. There are two commonly used types of 4K resolution, namely 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) and DCI 4K (4096 × 2160).

In addition to digital cameras, now 4K resolution is also common to the built-in camera apps of Android and iOS/iPhone smartphones. Try to check the smartphone you have.

Moreover, some video editor apps for mobile devices also now have 4K on their export quality settings. One of them is CapCut which is very popular today.

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How to Get 4K Quality Option on CapCut

You need to know, not all CapCut app users can get 4K quality on video export settings. This is because the 4K quality on CapCut requires a fairly high device specification to be used.

It takes at least 8 GB of RAM to be able to get 4K CapCut resolution. If it’s below that, then you can be sure that your CapCut app will not be able to export videos with 4K video resolution.

The good news is, if your CapCut app can only export videos at the highest at only 1080p, you can still convert videos to make them look like 4K quality, you know! Here’s the tutorial.

How to Do 4K Quality Videos on CapCut

To change low resolution videos to look like 4K quality in CapCut, you can play with some of the effects and filters available in the app.

It will be very long, of course, if I review the filters and what effects are used and how to use them also in this article.

Therefore, I have prepared a special video tutorial for you on how to get 4K video quality on CapCut. So follow the steps I show you and please also subscribe to my channel if it helps.

Maybe that’s all I can discuss in this article about how to get 4K quality on CapCut, especially on Android smartphones. Hope this article can help you and thank you for visiting.

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