How to Put Text Behind a Person on a Video in CapCut

How to put text behind a person in CapCut. Adding text to your video is so important because it can help clarify the information conveyed while also giving your video an aesthetic feel.

how to put text behind a person in capcut

However, the addition of text can also sometimes be annoying, especially if it is too large in size so that it can cover objects or person or anything in the video.

If you really want the text added to the video to be large but not cover anything, you can try putting the text behind a person.

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How to Put Text Behind a Person in CapCut

To put text behind a person in a video, you will need to use video editing app. There are many options available, both free and paid. One popular free option is CapCut.

Here is a brief overview of how you can use CapCut to add text behind a person in a video:

  1. ‌Start by launching CapCut app and creating a new project.‌
  2. Select and add your video.
  3. Open the Text menu, and tap Add text.‌
  4. Type the text that you want to appear behind the person.‌
  5. Adjust text position, size, shadow, and color as desired.‌
  6. Extend the duration of the text according to the duration of the video.‌
  7. Give the text an In and Out animation style as desired.‌
  8. Export your video and text to gallery.

After adding text to the video is done, it’s time to put that text behind the object. Follow the steps below:

  1. ‌Create a new project again and add the original video and the text video that was created.‌
  2. Tap the original video, and move the clip to the Overlay track.
  3. Find the Cutout menu and open it.
  4. Select the Remove background menu and wait for the process to finish.‌
  5. Play your video to see the final result.‌
  6. Lastly, Export the video once you are satisfied with the result.

To make it easier for you to practice the steps for placing text behind a person in CapCut, I’ve made a tutorial on it in a YouTube video. Watch till the end and please subscribe if you find it helpful.

That’s a tutorial on how to put text behind a person on a video in the CapCut app. I hope this article can help you, that’s all from me and thanks for reading.

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