Things to Keep in Mind Before Using CapCut

What is CapCut? It is a top-notch and free video editing application created by TikTok builders. So, as far as TikTok is concerned, everyone knows about its worst privacy. Here everyone has questions on CapCut’s data privacy and security too!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using CapCut

This trendy application might sway you on your Google Play Store or App Store, and you may install it immediately by thinking about the buzz it can create! Understandably, you are searching for a free tool to mitigate all your needs for video editing and trimming. Many youngsters use this free tool for video editing for TikTok, so it can be seen that the opportunities are infinite!

However, you must want to dive deep into CapCut, which is why this guide is for you. So, never make the mistake of bursting off the deep end and complexing the editing procedure! To commence using this app and what to consider before using it, we will discuss the nitty-gritty things about CapCut in this guide. So, let us get started!

What is CapCut?

It is a top-notch mobile application for Android and iOS, mainly built with accompanying the standard video editing features of the renowned app TikTok. The CapCut Android and iOS possess identical features, which let you modify the TikTok videos with stickers, music, filters, effects, etc. Moreover, this application comes with reverse, split, and other premium editing tools that enhance the professionalism of TikTok videos.

What is CapCut capable of?

You can watch the tutorial video

When you opt for “Tutorials” from the main menu of the CapCut application, it lets you watch different video content. The different contents available in the tutorials will make you well-acquainted with standard editing methods and streamlined methodologies.

To be precise, the “TikTok Trends” portion summarizes renowned video content based on CapCut on TikTok, making it hassle-free to find helpful videos.

Video editing

Users who have installed CapCut on their devices must be thinking of editing their videos with a wide array of classic editing features. The top features of CapCut include the following:

  • Text stamping
  • Tone adjustment
  • Splitting video/Cutting/altering playback speed
  • Adding wipes
  • Video format size transformation
  • Adjusting audio and incorporating background music
  • Filters and effects

Despite being compatible with smartphones, the program also has plenty of features required for video editing, which accounts for its ubiquity.

Available functions along with TikTok

You need to visit the “My Page” section to connect CapCut with TikTok. All you need to do is open the menu on the upper right side and confirm account linkage. You may combine your account with TikTok so that your My Page has a link to your TikTok profile.

Additionally, you may connect to TikTok and share (or upload) your finished videos. Lastly, you can include your unique music from TikTok as the musical accompaniment for your video.

What are the leading features of CapCut?

It is hassle-free to use iOS and Android CapCut with truckloads of enticing features. However, is it recommended? Let us find the answers with some key features of CapCut, which has some caveats too!

Reverse Video

This modern video feature works well with short-ranged videos because the processing is pretty tricky at the back and resource-intensive. Therefore, it might lead to a phone crash if it has higher memory to process bigger video files.


You may select from different filters to sharpen or subtle your videos, which leads to a professional-looking photo. Opting for various season-based or color-based filters and a wide range of beautification tools to maximize your video quality is possible.

Since most of them cannot be edited in CapCut, you may prevent needing a desktop editor by selecting the appropriate filters and using them consistently throughout your clips.

What type of data CapCut amasses about you?

You might get astonished once you hear the type of data gathered by CapCut. For example, the privacy policy of TikTok lets it amass biometrics data about the users like you. Often the terms and conditions that are slipped through the cracks! Therefore, you must be wary of the data type CapCut gathers while installing and using it on your device. Apple app store stated that it collects the bellow-mentioned data:

  • It gathers identifiers, such as a user’s IP address, information about the device manufacturer, connection, and so on.
  • It again preserves contact details, user content, and diagnostic details.

Video editing software should ideally not require any personal data to operate. However, the CapCut video editor gathers essential information about users in this instance. You may keep using it if you feel safe disclosing so much information, but if not, this should cause some concern. Therefore, as far as security is concerned, using a Code signing certificate will always be beneficial! Code Signing certificate helps to ensure code integrity and code security for software, application and drivers.

What are the things to consider before using CapCut?

CapCut is not a spiteful application, but as said earlier, it does collect your personal information. Prior to installing ‘CapCut’, below are the leading privacy pointers you need to keep in mind:

  • All other ByteDance services, including TikTok, can use the data obtained by CapCut.
  • The data accumulated by CapCut might be preserved inside or outside the country.
  • Several third-party services may have access to your personal information.

Although CapCut states that, the information gathered by this app is only to boost, create, and administer services. They utilize user information to maximize your safety. However, you can consider looking at CapCut’s privacy policy if you are curious about exploring more details.

CapCut – Pros and Cons

Let us consider the different pros and cons of this app:


  • Several features
  • A convenient video editing application
  • Attractive sound effects library and music


  • Restrictions imposed by the hardware and RAM of your phone
  • Unavailability of the main editing features


You must have understood CapCut’s different functions and the availability of thousands of editing tools. So, if you stay organized and more streamlined, your video editing will be much more expeditious. This is how you can create more videos and develop your audience by staying harmonious with the video content.

I hope that you have understood everything about CapCut, and the leading things to consider before using this app. Therefore, kindly share your opinions with us in the comments below.

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