How to Create PNG From Existing Google WebP Pictures

Webp (Google Web Picture) is designed by Google to represent graphics around the web efficiently without any quality loss. It is referred to as the widely useful image format that improves the website loading speed significantly.

how to create png from google webp

On the other hand, PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a standard lossless image format around the internet, which is mainly used for storing and sharing images.

But, sometimes you need to swap webp over png by simply converting webp to png by using an online converter. Fortunately, we rounded up a few best online converters that reveal how easily you can be able to turn webp google file into png format.

Did You Know!

No doubt WebP is a new image file type around the market, but its downside is that it is not supported by all devices. Even sometimes not accessible by different image viewers or software.

For user convenience, users could easily convert webp files to png images format by navigating with the online converter source that is 100% free.


CloudConvert is a legitimate online web-based application that supports nearly all file formats for quick and easy conversion. Also, this platform offers the best version of webp converter online that takes care of quality while turning webp into png format.

In addition to that, it does not matter what operating systems and device you’re using for making conversion, this tool does its job perfectly.

How to Change WebP file to PNG using Cloudconvert

  • Open Cloudconvert right now and make a click on the given “Select Files” button for importing the webp image
  • Now, choice for the PNG from the provided drop-down list that is given on its main interface
  • Additional options or settings available to make webp to png conversions more perfect (optional)
  • Click Start Conversion button and get your newly generated PNG format


Ezgif is the most reliable source that is mainly helpful for making conversions for both static or animated GIF file formats. Besides that, users can get the feasibility for creating PNG from an existing webp Google picture with its webp to png converter.

In addition to that, users could encounter a wide array of tools to process the conversions for different file formats.

How to Turn WebP Images into PNGs using Ezgif

  • Navigate to the Ezgif online conversion site, and hit the Webp to PNG option from the given Image Tools option.
  • Click on the Choose File button that assists you to add webp image.
  • Once you selected the webp image, click Upload button.
  • It will also provide you with additional settings for webp file to png conversion (optional).
  • Click Convert button and finally attain the newly transformed PNG image file


Convertio is the easy and freeware online web-based utility that allows you to make conversions for different file formats with no errors. There Is no need to worry about saving webp as png, just account it’s free webp to png converter to make quick transformation. The most apparent thing is that it allows you to make conversions on any type of device and operating system, too without any huge manual intervention.

How to Convert Webp file to PNG using Convertio

  • Open Convertio website and add your webp google picture.
  • Choose PNG from the drop-down list that is given in the toolbox.
  • Choose additional options or settings (optional).
  • Click the given Convert button and wait for a while to save webp as png online


This online web-dependent utility mainly developed to provide the users with the ease of file conversion. Just three simple steps required to create PNG from an existing Google WebP file format for free of cost with this online converter.

Apart from webp to png, you can make conversions from webp as well as png to compatible file format without any quality disruption. In addition to that, this online conversion source allows you to process to and from files transformation on all major browsers, operating systems, and devices.

How to Change WebP into PNG using theonlineconverter

  • Open webp to png converter by theonlineconverter and add webp file into the main tool section.
  • Now, make additional settings for your imported webp file (optional).
  • Click Convert.
  • Save png file by clicking Download button


Zamzar is one of the best conversion sources through which users can transform one or multiple files to compatible formats without any quality loss. It also provides you with an easy to process Webp to png converter to create raster png from the existing webp file online.

How to Save WebP to PNG using Zamzar

  • Open Zamzar and add webp file by using Choose Files button.
  • Choice with PNG as output format, then simply hit the Convert button.
  • Finally, download your converted PNG from this online converter

Fortunately, you explored the time saving and easy to navigate online webp to png converters that takes minimal effort for conversion. Choose one right now or even more for creating png from existing webp files without any quality distortion. Good Luck!

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