How to Make Transparent Text in CapCut as a Video Watermark

how to make transparent text in capcut

How to make transparent text in CapCut. In the digital era that continues to grow, the use of video as a communication medium is increasingly popular. Transparent text in videos is one of the important elements that can improve the quality and visual appeal of the video.

Transparent text is text that has a high clear level so that the video background can still be seen through the text. Transparent text is often used in videos as a watermark to protect copyright or as a form of branding for a company or individual.

This transparent text can be placed in various positions over the video, depending on the needs and desired visual design. However, this text is usually placed in the corner of the video so as not to disturb the main content.

Transparent Text Maker Video Editing App

There are many video editing apps that can be used to make transparent text in videos. One popular option is CapCut, a video editing application that is full-featured and easy to use.

The CapCut app provides a variety of tools and effects that allow users to edit videos professionally without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

How to Make Transparent Text in CapCut

Here are the steps to make a clear watermark in CapCut:

Step 1: Create a Text

  1. ‌Download and install the CapCut app from your phone’s app store.‌
  2. Open the app, create a new project, and add a transparent background which is in the stock video menu.‌
  3. Go to the Canvas menu, select the Color option, and change the background color to green.‌
  4. Open the Text menu, tap Add Text, then type the text you want to make transparent.‌
  5. Choose the text style according to your preference. CapCut provides various text style options, such as font, size, color, and effect.‌
  6. Once you are satisfied with the text style you have chosen, export your text video.

Step 2: Adding Text to Video

  1. ‌Create a new project again in the CapCut app and add a video.
  2. Go to the Overlay menu, tap Add Overlay, and select the text video you’ve created.‌
  3. Go to the Cutout menu, and select the Chroma Key option.‌
  4. Slide the selector point to the background or green color, adjust the intensity until the green color disappears, and also give it a little shadow.‌
  5. Adjust the size and position of the text on the video as desired.

Step 3: Make Text Transparent

  1. ‌Make sure the text clip is still active then open the Blend menu.‌
  2. Select the Overlay effect, and set the level of transparency as desired.‌
  3. Use the Freeze menu to adjust the duration of the transparent text with the video.‌
  4. Creating transparent text in CapCut has been completed. You can export your videos.

Video Tutorial on Making Transparent Text in CapCut


How to make transparent text in CapCut as a video watermark is very easy. Starting from the first step to the end, it is explained in detail in this article and is also equipped with a video tutorial. Have fun practicing!

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