Furniture Brands that Focus on Social Responsibility and Ethical Practices

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In a world where sustainable and ethical practices have become paramount, there are many furniture brands that are changing their way of working and moving towards sustainability. They are focusing on their social responsibility towards society by adopting eco-friendly materials and procedures in manufacturing furniture.

They have revolutionized what it means to furnish our homes with responsibility through innovation, enthusiasm, and unrelenting dedication. Now, designing a home is a daunting task if you don’t get the things right. From furniture to lighting to painting, everything should be perfect to complete your house. Due to the depletion of resources and global warming, companies and people both have understood their social responsibilities and need to follow ethical practices.

Furniture is the most crucial part of your home, which requires the most time and research, especially if you want a brand that focuses on social responsibility. The furniture must be affordable, comforting, and lightweight and should be made up from eco-friendly material. In this blog, we have covered some top brands that focus on ethical practices and provide furniture that is least harmful to the environment.


Perigold - An Undiscovered World of Luxury Design

Perigold is a luxury furniture brand under Wayfair that focuses on comfort and quality. They have a plethora of premium and superior furniture backed by luxury and quality materials. It is an ethical brand that focuses on social responsibility by minimizing waste material, using sustainable materials, eco-friendly packaging, fair labor practices and proper waste management.

Its main company Wayfair is involved in many social works related to supporting local communities and NGOs. Their reviews show the variety and quality of their furniture, along with great support from the company. Their furniture items like coffee tables, bedroom sets, dining sets, furniture, sofa and sectionals, office furniture, etc., have a massive demand in the market due to their premium quality.


Wayfair is one of the most popular furniture brands in the market, with more than 14 million different items that can fill the empty space of your house. They believe in delivering premium quality at affordable cost, which has increased their market value and reputation. It provides every type of home item, from furniture to mattresses. It is a one-stop shop to purchase everything for your home. They have fast shipping and an easy return policy that fosters trust between the company and its customers. The company fulfills its social responsibility through eco-friendly procedures, minimal wattage, sustainable material, ethical sourcing, and supply chain transparency. Their top picks are couches and sectionals, tv stands and coffee tables, beds, and bedroom sets, mattresses, and many more.


Best-Selling Sofa Collections - Apt2B

Apt2B is ruling the online furniture world by providing superior quality furniture at convenient pricing. They make high-quality designs with perfect finishing and ensure the comfort, safety, and luxury of the customers. They build both modern and contemporary furniture designs that can match any color and space. The furniture of the company is elegant and minimalistic, which can raise the ambiance of the place by its unique and catchy look.

They believe in labor rights and provide fair wages to the workers. They focus on environmental sustainability through minimum wastage, conserving resources, and implementing environment friendly manufacturing processes.

Their top picks are 100+ different styles of sofas and sectionals, 20+ beds and bedroom sets, accent chairs, dining sets, media stands and storage, coffee tables, office chairs, and many more. These furniture brands are not only well-reputed but have also gained much appreciation and recognition due to their focus on social responsibility and following ethical practices.


Castlery is an innovative luxury furniture brand that provides well-designed furniture through its online website. They believe in enduring craftsmanship as opposed to inexpensive, fast furniture, which makes the company different from others. They sell luxury and unique designs that raise the standards and appearance of any room.

The company ensures following ethical practices like ethical sources and supply chain management, customer well-being, using recycled materials, low-emission coatings and timber, fair labor process, and eco-friendly packaging and shipping. Their top pickups include sofas and couches, dining tables, tv stands, bed frames, coffee tables, and more.


Shop Burrow Couches and Furniture During Its Labor Day Sale

Burrow is a top-rated furniture company that specifically provides modern and modular furniture with mid-century and contemporary designs and themes. Their customizable and adjustable furniture can fit their room and living area. They strongly focus on social responsibility by using environment-friendly foam, sourced wood, supply chain transparency, local support, responsible advertising, community engagement, less wastage, recycling etc. They ensure providing high-quality material at reasonable pricing, which allows middle-class people to look forward to the company. They ensure long durability, top-class support, and comfort, along with providing streamlined delivery. Its top picks are shelves, coffee tables, chairs, couches, rugs, seating accessories, beds, etc.


Floyd is a premium and innovative furniture brand that provides minimalistic and modular designs to match your living space. Being a luxury brand, their prices are comparatively higher, but the quality of their material and furniture is superior. From durability to comfort to easy assembly, their furniture has every quality that you must be looking for.

Customers can customize the furniture according to their requirements and purpose. They focus on eco-friendly practices and sustainability by using materials like FSC-certified wood and CertiPUR-US® foams and never using chemical flame retardants. Their top picks are beds and bed frames, sofas, tables, bundles, outdoor sets, etc.

Benchmade Modern

Custom Sofas & Custom Sectionals - Design Your Dream Sofa – BenchMade Modern

Benchmade Modern is an award-winning sofa and furniture brand that sells online furniture from its website. They make custom designs furniture provided by the customers and ensure their quality and appearance. Customers can select the design, material, color, and fabric that suit their living space and meet their expectations.

The premium quality furniture is made by American craftsman who closely focuses on details and finishings of the furniture. They demonstrate a dedication to using environment friendly and sustainable materials in their furniture, including certified sustainable wood, promoting community engagement, affordable pricing, ethical sourcing, social initiatives and preventing corruption. Their top picks are couches, sofas and sectionals, accent chairs, area rugs, platform beds, sofa beds, etc.


If you’re a responsible person, you should select companies that emphasize ethical practices and societal responsibility. The increase in sales of such companies can motivate other brands also to invest and focus on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The above brands are the top furniture providers who ensure outstanding comfort, premium look, high durability, excellent finishings, along with sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials and packaging, fair labor practices, effective waste management, environmental certifications, ethical marketing and community engagement through charity.

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