How to Turn Your Scanned JPG Documents into Text?

how to turn your scanned jpg documents into text

In this blog post, we are going to talk about how to convert a scanned JPG into an editable text file.

Let’s get started!

How to Turn Your JPG File into an Editable Text?

There are only two methods by which you can turn your JPG into a Document file. One is to manually type every word into a text file by hand. This could take a lot of time and effort as you have to do everything on your own and don’t leave a chance of missing something.

Conversely, the easiest, quickest, and reliable way to turn your JPG image into an editable text is by using an online OCR tool. For this, an online tool like a JPG to Text Converter could be an ideal choice that can even turn a distorted JPG image into a text file.

Here, we are going to explain each method with a step-by-step guide.

Manual Process to Turn a JPG to Text

However, the steps of turning a JPG image into text are simple (but time-consuming). But here are some steps that could help you a lot.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • If you are using a PC or laptop, then what you have to do is, open the image and a DOC separately.
  • Then, to make the conversion process easier, open both files side-by-side using your laptop or PC feature.
  • To do this, like splitting the files, you can use the “Windows” key and “Left/Right” arrows. This works in both Windows 10 and 11.
    press windows key and left right arrows
  • On one side, you can open the JPG image, and on the other side, you can open the Text file on which you can start writing what’s inside the image.
    open the split screen mode

This will save you time compared to opening the file, reading the text, and writing it.

Automatic Process to Turn a JPG to Text

As we have already mentioned above that, JPG to Text converters are the online tools that let you turn any image into an editable text without making any errors. Such tools work on advanced OCR technology, which enables them to analyze the text and extract it effectively.

There are hundreds of JPG to Text converters available online, which makes it complicated to find a good among them. You can find one for yourself, but if you want to get started quickly, you can use these three tools:

Step-by-Step Guide:

Moving on, here’s a comprehensive guide to how you can use an online OCR tool to convert JPG to Text.

  • To quickly get started, open any tool from the above-given list, or find anyone you want. Here, we are using the JPG to Text Converter, the first one from the list.
  • Such tools allow you to import the JPG image from various sources. For instance, whether you have the image in your local storage, in G Drive, or in Dropbox, you can upload it.
    import document file
  • After uploading the image, simply start the process by clicking on the “Convert” or “Submit” buttons, which vary from tool to tool.
    click convert button
  • Finally, the JPG to Text converter will provide you the outcome where you can copy the text to the clipboard or download it in TXT file format.
    copy the text

See, the automatic extraction or conversion was way too easy than doing the manual procedure.

Final Words

And with that, here are the final words of this entire blog post.

It is very common among people and organizations that they have some images containing their important data or information. They think to extract the data from the images, but can’t find the right way. There are different ways in which this can be done, such as manually or using an online JPG to Text Converter.

The manual process could take a lot of time, but at the same time, a JPG to Text converter can quickly do that, as they are highly trained for this without making a mistake or missing something.

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