Mangidik is a media blog that discusses tutorials and tips and tricks about your PC or laptop, Android smartphones, social media, and the latest information about technology.

Mangidik is the third blog belonging to a beginner blogger from Cirebon, Indonesia named Muhamad Nursidik.

What is the meaning of the word Mangidik that became the name of this blog? Mangidik comes from two words, Mang and Idik.

Mang is the nickname for uncle in the Sundanese language, incidentally the owner is Sundanese, and Idik is the name greeting from the owner.

Usually, small children always call the owner with the title Mang Idik. Therefore, the owner finally used the title to name his third blog.

Different from the two other blogs belonging to the owner, Mangidik was created using English as its primary language.

The owner realized that his skills in English are still very lacking, for that the owner utilizes a translation tool to assist in the creation of articles.

Therefore, the owner apologizes if there is any confusion or error word, grammar, and so forth that you find.

The owner is always trying to develop his skills in English, one way is by making this blog.

I hope, all the articles that are on this blog can be endowed by everyone despite the many mistakes as I have mentioned. Hopefully, these mistakes can be minimized in the next article. Thank.

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