Bizzey Traag CapCut Template Link

Bizzey Traag CapCut Template is a trending video editing presets used by many content creators on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

traag capcut template

It involves adding the Dutch rapper Bizzey’s hit song “Traag” as background music to a video, with added effects, animations, filters, and so on.

This article will explore the reasons behind the popularity of this trend, the use of CapCut, and how to edit a Bizzey Traag CapCut Template.

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More About the Traag CapCut Template

The use of popular music in video editing is not new, but the Bizzey Traag CapCut Template has gained immense popularity in recent times.

One of the reasons behind its popularity is the catchy tune of the song “Traag.” It has a unique beat that is easily recognizable and has become synonymous with the trend.

Another reason is the use of CapCut, a free video editing app available on both Android and iOS platforms. CapCut has made it easy for users to create videos with added effects and filters, making it appealing for content creators to experiment with different styles.

Bizzey Traag CapCut Template Link

Did you know there are lots of CapCut templates made using sound Traag from Bizzey. One of them is made by a creator named πš’πš™πš“.

To date, the templates he has created have gained more than 6.9 million users with hundreds of thousands of likes as well. If you want to use it, click on the link below.

bizzey traag capcut template link

Bizzey Traag | Created by πš’πš™πš“

If you want more Traag templates, check out our previous article on Papi Papi CapCut Templates. There are more than one template that I have shared.

How to Edit the Traag CapCut Preset

  1. β€ŒClick and visit the Traag CapCut template link that I shared above.β€Œ
  2. A new tab will open by accessing the website page where the Bizzey Traag template is located. Click the Use template in CapCut menu button.β€Œ
  3. The CapCut app will open automatically by displaying the Bizzey Traag preset. Tap the Use template button.β€Œ
  4. Add your two photos and tap Preview.β€Œ
  5. Wait for the effect loading process to take place until it’s finished.
  6. The preview video may lag a little or a lot, so just tap Export.β€Œ
  7. Choose the video resolution you want, I recommend 1080 pixels.
  8. Select the Export without watermark option if you don’t want your video to have a CapCut watermark on the screen.β€Œ
  9. Wait for the video exporting process to take place up to 100%.
  10. You can directly upload your Traag CapCut preset videos to TikTok because the app will open automatically.β€Œ
  11. You can find your exported Bizzey Traag trend videos in the gallery, precisely on the Videos album.

The Bizzey Traag CapCut Template has become a popular trend on social media platforms, and for a good reason. The unique beat of the song “Traag” combined with CapCut’s easy-to-use editing features has made it appealing for content creators to experiment with different styles.

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