10 Methods to Transfer Files on iOS Devices

Moving data across devices is necessary to access emails, photos, and other information for later use. It is indeed time to discover how to transfer files on an iOS device without iCloud if you buy a new Apple phone. When you carefully examine the transfer techniques, further steps and resources are accessible on the social channel. Finding the ideal method to transmit data with no loss is difficult, but this article reveals the most remarkable techniques for doing so.

10 methods to transfer files on ios devices

Managing a large quantity of data properly during data transmission among gadgets is a complex operation, and the selected technique must proceed at a quicker rate, notwithstanding large files. In this article, you can discover practical strategies for effortlessly transferring information from one gadget to the next. Then, take advantage of an intelligent method to complete the file transfer procedure with ease.

1. With iTunes Backup, transmit files from one iPhone to another.

It is simpler to transfer data from one cellphone to a second iPhone using an iTunes restore.

Using the iTunes technique, your old iPhone’s data backup begins to transfer to the new device. You must hold off till the transfer procedure is adequately finished.

2. Using Finder, transfer data across iOS devices.

This approach works well for Mac users who want to move data seamlessly between one iPhone to the other.

3. Use AirDrop to transfer data among two iPhones.

Why wouldn’t you try the built-in AirDrop feature for iPhone data transmission? Despite the fact that this approach takes more time than other ways, its effectiveness could be better. This technique makes it simple to transmit fewer data across iOS devices.

4. Move data from one to a new smartphone without iCloud using the quick start.

Please make sure the iPhones are running iOS 12.4 or later in order to transfer content between them. After that, keep a more substantial connection without moving during the transmission procedure. Although a dependable USB cable is an option for easy connecting, most users choose a wireless router for data transmission. Both iPhones go using the Quick Start, which you may use to complete the setup of your innovative smartphone. To transfer data across devices utilizing this Quick Start technique, turn on Bluetooth on both phones first.

5. Keep the devices close by for the flawless transfer process at all times.

The best method for transferring data across iPhones is AirDroid Personal.

For transferring files from one phone to the other, utilize trusted third-party software such as the AirDroid Personal application. A powerful program called AirDroid Personal enables users to move files between devices and create total remote control over another device in order to perform desired actions on it. It’s a straightforward tool with great features that help you stand out from the competition. For example, this software allows you to modify SMS and alert settings on your devices as well as a screen mirror them.

6. Using a Fax app, transfer information between two iPhones.

A very useful app for transfer files across devices. Check Fax app to learn more about its exceptional features in depth. To address customer demands without making any compromises, the app provides you with both iOS toolkits. In addition, the app package has some outstanding features that make handling phone data much more manageable. Send fax iPhone app is one of those solutions that does not require a lot of your time, but is an excellent alternative for work matters. Documents take up a lot of space, so keeping them in the online space and using all the possible advantages of the application can bring and improve your work organization.

7. Import pictures from an iPhone or iPad using Photos

Your Photos app may also become an option if you have a PC with Windows 8 or a later version. With the help of this tool, you may organize the images on your system and upload pictures from other sources.

The Images app will therefore be helpful if you require to transfer pictures and movies from your iPhone to your Computer.

8. Wi-Fi usage

You must first confirm that Finder will recognize your smartphone across a Wi-Fi network.

So, Finder will recognize it if you attach your iPhone to your Mac through Wi-Fi without using the internet. After that, you may share files across the two gadgets.

Drag & drop any folder into the program in Finder to move it from one phone to another. Before sending a file, please verify that the recipient app accepts it.

9. Google Drive

To transfer data from your iPhone to another, you may utilize Google Drive, which offers all Google users free 15GB of space and is among several cloud storage options.

Once Google Drive is up and running, you may share documents from your mobile and desktop device with Google. Next, on any Mac and iPhone, you may save a document or folder via Google Drive.

10. Email

The email has long been the go-to method for sharing files across gadgets. So why not utilize one of the easiest methods available?

Summing up

Consequently, you had a fascinating debate about how to easily send documents between iOS devices without using iCloud. It is really time to decide on a practical approach to achieving lossless data transport. The user’s demands are met by the AirDroid Personal app, which maintains data integrity and speeds device transfers regardless of file sizes.

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