Thug Love CapCut Template Link by Ical

Thug Love CapCut Template. Thug Love is a popular Indian song sung by INDERR which is currently trending on many social media platforms, especially Instagram Reels and TikTok.

thug love capcut template

This Thug Love song, especially the remix version, is often used as a backsound to make videos on Reels. Maybe you’ve seen the example video I mean.

You can also make a Reels or TikTok video with this song using a video preset in CapCut, the most popular video editing app today.

One of the video presets that is widely used using the song Thug Love is the Healing Thailand CapCut Template made by a creator named Ical.

Thug Love CapCut Template Link 2023

Until now, Ical CapCut Template Thug Love has achieved fantastic usage figures, namely 159.06 million times with millions of likes too. Here is the link.

thug love capcut template link

healingthailand9:16 | Created by Ical

For the remix version of the Thug Love song clip which is often used on Reels, you can get it below. All you have to do, replace the song used in the template with this song.

Thug Love | Remix Reels Version

How to Use the Ical CapCut Template Thug Love

  1. ‌Click and visit the Thug Love CapCut template download link that I shared above.‌
  2. A new tab will open by accessing the website page where the Healing Thailand 9.16 template is located. Click the Use template in CapCut menu button.‌
  3. The CapCut app will open automatically by displaying the Ical’s Thug Love preset. Tap the Use template button.‌
  4. Add your one video and tap Preview.‌
  5. Wait for the effect loading process to take place until it’s finished.‌
  6. The preview video may lag a little or a lot, so just tap Export.‌
  7. Choose the video resolution you want, I recommend 1080 pixels.‌
  8. Select the Export without watermark option if you don’t want your video to have a CapCut watermark on the screen.‌
  9. Wait for the video exporting process to take place up to 100%.
  10. You can directly upload your Thug Love CapCut preset videos to TikTok because the app will open automatically.‌
  11. You can find your exported Ical Healing Thailand trend videos in the gallery, precisely on the Videos album.

How to Add a Thug Love Song to a Video

After you have a short video that was made using the Healing Thailand template, now is the time to replace the default sound used by the template with the song Thug Love.

  1. ‌Create a new project in the CapCut app.‌
  2. Import videos that have been exported from templates.‌
  3. Remove video sound with the Mute button or lower the volume to 0.‌
  4. Tap the Audio menu and select the Sound option.‌
  5. Select From Device to display all songs in storage.
  6. Find the Thug Love song that you downloaded above and add it.
  7. Finally, export your video again and it is now ready for you to share to Reels or TikTok.

That is the Thug Love CapCut Template Link 2023 created by Ical for you to download and use online for free. Want to more CapCut presets? Ask me in the comment box below. Thank you for visiting.

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