IDFWU CapCut Template Link Free, Song by Big Sean

IDFWU CapCut template. Day after day, there are always video presets belonging to the CapCut app which are trending on social media platforms, especially TikTok and Instagram. And in this article, I will discuss one of them.

idfwu capcut template

A video preset that we will discuss is the IDFWU CapCut template. IDFWU means I Don’t F With You which is the title of the song sung by Big Sean.

With the IDFWU Big Sean CapCut template, you can make a cool short video from your three photos by showing an animated background change that matches the lyrics of the song used.

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IDFWU CapCut Template Link Free

The IDFWU Big Sean template that is currently trending on TikTok is made by none other than a creator named sockkurr. Until now, his template has reached 9.05 million uses and will continue to increase every day.

You can use this CapCut template IDFWU for free. By clicking on the link below, you will go directly to where the template is in the CapCut app.

idfwu big sean capcut template

I DON’T F WITH YOU | Created by sockkurr

How to Use the IDFWU Big Sean CapCut Template

  1. ‌Click and visit the IDFWU CapCut template download link that I shared above.‌
  2. A new tab will open by accessing the website page where the qidfwu CapCut template is located. Click the Use template in CapCut menu button.‌
  3. The CapCut app will open automatically by displaying the idwf CapCut template. Tap the Use template button.‌
  4. Select your three photos and tap Preview.‌
  5. Tap the Text menu, and you can text your video or not by just ignoring it.‌
  6. Tap the Music menu at the top, then you can change the sound used by the template, or edit the volume and trim.‌
  7. Tap Play for preview and tap Export to save your video.
  8. Choose the video resolution you want, I recommend 1080 pixels.‌
  9. Select the Export without watermark option if you don’t want your video to have a CapCut watermark on the screen.
  10. Wait for the video exporting process to take place up to 100%.
  11. You can directly upload your Big Sean CapCut template videos to TikTok because the app will open automatically.‌
  12. You can find your exported IDFWU big screen CapCut template trend videos in the gallery, precisely on the Videos album.

That’s the TikTok trend called IDFWU Big Sean CapCut Template link free 2023 and the steps for using it too. Want to more CapCut presets? Ask me in the comment box below. Thank you for visiting.

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