How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Samsung Android Phones

How to turn off autocorrect on Samsung. In today’s digital era, the use of smartphones has become an integral part of daily life. One of the most frequently used features on smartphones is the virtual keyboard.

how to turn off autocorrect on samsung

This keyboard not only facilitates typing text messages, emails, or notes but also comes with advanced features like text prediction and autocorrect.

However, not all users are comfortable with the autocorrect feature. Some people might find it annoying when the words they type are automatically changed by the system, often resulting in incorrect meanings or messages that do not match their intent.

For some users, this feature actually makes typing more difficult, especially if they frequently use slang, technical terms, or local languages that are not recognized by the autocorrect system.

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Autocorrect and Predictive Text Features on Samsung

Samsung, as one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, understands the diverse needs of its users. Therefore, Samsung provides an option to disable the autocorrect feature on their keyboard.

The autocorrect feature on Samsung phones is operated by a feature called Predictive Text. In this article, we will explain the steps to disable this feature on Samsung Android phones.

Turning off autocorrect can be a solution for those who want full control over the text they type. By disabling this feature, you can type without worrying about your words being automatically changed by the system. Here is a complete guide on how to turn off autocorrect on Samsung Android phones.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Samsung Android Phones

The autocorrect done by the Samsung keyboard is a result of the Predictive Text feature. Therefore, you just need to disable this feature to stop the autocorrect. Here are the steps:

1. Open Android Settings

The first step you need to take is to open the Settings app on your Samsung Android phone. The settings icon usually looks like a gear and can be found in the app drawer or on the home screen.

2. Select General Management Menu

Once in the Settings menu, scroll down and find the option called General Management. This option is usually located at the bottom of the settings menu and contains general settings related to language, input, date, and time.

3. Tap Samsung Keyboard Settings Option

Within the General Management menu, you will find several options. Look for and tap the option labeled Samsung Keyboard settings. This menu contains various settings related to the Samsung keyboard you are using.

4. Disable Predictive Text Feature

In the Samsung Keyboard settings menu, look for the feature named Predictive Text. This feature usually comes with a slider button next to it. To disable this feature, slide the button to the off or inactive position. Once disabled, the Samsung keyboard will no longer autocorrect the text you type.

5. Check Auto Replace Language Menu

Besides disabling Predictive Text, you also need to ensure that the Auto Replace feature is not active for all the languages you use on the keyboard.

Return to the Samsung Keyboard settings menu, find the Auto Replace option, and disable it for each listed language. This will ensure that no words are automatically replaced with others when you type in various languages.

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How to turn off autocorrect on Samsung Android phones can provide more freedom in typing, especially for users who are annoyed by unwanted word changes. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily disable the Predictive Text feature and ensure that the text you type remains as you intend. These steps are quite simple and can be done by anyone without requiring any special technical skills.

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