How to Add Someone’s Contacts to WhatsApp and Send a Chats

How to add contacts to WhatsApp is the first step you must take before you can send a chat or make a call to someone. You’ll find a complete tutorial on how to save someone’s contacts to WhatsApp in the Mangidik article you’re currently visiting today.
how to add contact to whatsapp
As we know, the WhatsApp Messenger app uses a phone number so that users can interact with fellow users, such as exchanging messages, chatting via voice or video calls, sharing media such as photos, images, and videos, and so on.
More than that, WhatsApp Messenger also now has a status feature where you can use it to share stories to anyone saved in your WhatsApp contacts and they also save your contacts on their WhatsApp.

How to Add Contacts to WhatsApp

There are four ways to add someone to a WhatsApp chat, especially via an Android smartphone. Select and practice one of the ways I will discuss below that you think is the easiest way.

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Add WhatsApp Contacts Through an Android Phonebook

The option to add contacts to WhatsApp first, all you need to do is save a contact to your Android phone’s phonebook. This Tutorial is just like you saved the phone number as usual.
1. Open the Call app, enter the phone number, and select the New Contact menu.
enter the phone number
2. Fill in the contact’s name and tap the checkmark to save.
fill the contact name
3. The phone number has been saved in the Android phonebook. If the phone number is already registered in the WhatsApp Messenger app, the WhatsApp icon will appear below the number.

phone number saved in Android

Adding Contacts with the WhatsApp App

In addition to storing phone numbers on the phone phonebook, how to add contacts to WhatsApp can also be done with the WhatsApp Messenger app itself. Here’s the tutorial.
1. Open the WhatsApp app and tap the chat icon.
tap the chat icon
2. Tap a New Contact to create or add a new contact to WhatsApp.
add new contact
3. Enter the name of the contact and mobile phone number.
fill the name and phone number
If the contact belongs to someone from another country, how to add someone on WhatsApp from another country is writing their mobile number with their country’s phone code.
4. Tap the checkmark, contacts are successfully added to the WhatsApp app and your phone’s phonebook.

Add Contacts Through Incoming Chats on WhatsApp

You may have received an incoming message on WhatsApp, but the phone number hasn’t been saved in your WhatsApp contacts list or you don’t know.
Here’s how to save the phone number to your WhatsApp contacts list.
1. Open the chat from the phone number that sent you the message.
add phone number to whatsapp contact
2. Tap Add to add the number to your contacts, and select Create New Contact.
create new contact
3. Enter the name of the contact, then tap the checkmark to save it.
enter the contact name
4. The phone number that sent you a previous chat was successfully added to your WhatsApp contacts.

the phone number added to whatsapp

How to Add Contacts from a WhatsApp Group

If you and the contacts of the people you add to WhatsApp are in the same WhatsApp group, here’s how to add them.
1. Open the WhatsApp group chat, tap the buttonothers, and select Group Info.
select group info
2. Find the phone number you want to add, tap, and select Add to contact.
add to contacts
3. As before, fill in the contact’s name then tap the checkmark to add or save the phone number to a WhatsApp contact.
fill the contact name
After applying how to add contacts to WhatsApp above, you can now send chat, make calls, and other forms of interaction with the contact.

How to Send a Message to a New Contact on WhatsApp

For how to send a message to someone or a new contact on WhatsApp, follow the steps below.
1. Tap the chat icon located at the bottom right of the app.
tap the chat icon
2. Find the name of the contact you created to save the phone number in your previous Android phone phonebook. You can use the Search button to help you find a contact.
find the whatsapp contact
3. Tap the name of the contact you find, and now you can send a chat or make a call to that contact.

send a message to a new contact on whatsapp

Why is a Contact Not Showing in WhatsApp?

There are several reasons why contacts you add don’t appear on WhatsApp. What is it?
  1. Wrong or erroneous in writing a contact phone number.
  2. Phone number has not been registered on WhatsApp Messenger service.
  3. The user’s phone number has deleted his WhatsApp account.
  4. Internet connection problems.
  5. And so forth.

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How to add someone’s contacts to WhatsApp to send a chat can be done with four options, such as saving a phone number to an Android phone’s phone book, adding it directly through the WhatsApp app, adding contacts who sent you a message, and adding contacts who are in the same WhatsApp group as you.

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