How to Merge Videos in InShot App to Make One Video File

How to merge videos in InShot. Merging several video clips into one file is one of the basic techniques of video editing. It is so basic that you don’t need to look for the tutorial because you will definitely master it yourself.

how to merge videos in inshot

All video productions, whether it be films, documentary videos, animation, etc., merged many video clips in the process of making. The video clips are arranged and merged so that the storyline can be conveyed properly to the audience.

All video editing apps for smartphones can be used to merge videos together, especially the InShot application which is highly recommended for beginners who are just learning to edit videos.

The following is how to merge videos in the InShot app for you to learn and practice.

How to Merge Videos in InShot App

Before going to how to put video clips together to make one video using InShot, you should first collect or prepare the pieces of the video to be merged.

If the video clip you need is in a film or other long video, you can trim the video too using the InShot app. Learn the tutorial how to cut video in InShot app in the previous article.

  1. ‌Open the InShot application installed on your smartphone.
  2. ‌Create a new video editing project.
    create a new video project

  3. ‌Select all the video clips that you have prepared in sequence, then tap the check button to add them to the project.

    selecting all clips video

  4. ‌All video clips will be automatically merged sequentially in the project.

    videos merged automatically

  5. ‌If you miss a clip, you can merge it by tapping the plus (+) button, then selecting the Video / Photo menu.

    merge a new video

  6. ‌You can also add transition effects to make moving the video to another video more interesting. Read more: How to add transition in InShot

    add transition videos in inshot

  7. ‌Once done, export your video to the gallery. This way, all the video clips that you have merged will become one video file in the .mp4 format. Read the tutorial: How to save InShot video

How to Overlay Video on Video in InShot

Can the InShot app overlay a video over another video or display two videos side by side? The answer is no. Why? This is because the InShot app doesn’t have a video collage feature yet.

This may be one of the shortcomings of the InShot app which is enough to make us disappointed.

We hope that in the future the InShot app will be updated by adding a video collage feature, so that we can use it to overlay videos, or display two or more videos side by side in one screen.

Maybe that’s just how to merge videos in the InShot app to make one video file that I can explain. Was the tutorial in this article helpful? Tell me in the comments below. Thank you for visitting.

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