How to Unmute Presentation on Google Meet with Keyboard and Shortcut

How to unmute Google Meet presentation. When you join and make a presentation on Google Meet, of course you have to turn on the microphone so the other participants can hear what you have to say.

how to unmute on google meet

By default, the microphone in Google Meet is actually active. So you can immediately speak and deliver a presentation without having to do anything to turn it on.

However, the microphone in Google Meet may turn off without you knowing it before you speak. It’s possible that you accidentally pressed the Google Meet mute button, or that someone else has muted you.

If that’s the case, then you must know how to unmute a presentation on Google Meet. Here is a tutorial for you to understand and practice.

How to Unmute in Google Meet Using Shortcut

The easiest way to unmute Google Meet microphone in Google Meet in mobile or laptop is with a shortcut.

The Google Meet unmute shortcut is red, indicating that your microphone is muted.

google meet unmute shortcut

When you’re going to the presentation, click or tap the unmute button. As a result, the color of the shortcut will change to white, indicating that your audio voice can be heard by all participants in the meeting.

how to unmute google meet in mobile

How to Unmute on Google Meet with Keyboard

Did you know, besides smartphones and laptops, you can also join or include other people in Google Meet meetings using an audio phone.

If you are a telephone participant and you have been muted during a meeting, you can unmute yourself on Google Meet on phone by pressing ‘*6’ on the keypad. You can also press ‘*6’ to mute your microphone during a meeting.

How to Unmute Others in Google Meet

In the previous article, how to mute on Google Meet, I explained that you can mute other participants in a Google Meet meeting if their audio is distracting.

However, for privacy reasons, you cannot unmute a participant that you have muted because only that person can unmute himself.

In order to hear the participant’s audio that you have muted, you need to ask the participants to unmute themselves. You can tell him about the above guidelines.

That’s all the tutorial how to unmute Google Meet presentation with shortcuts on mobile or laptop and use the keyboard on the audio phone. Was the guide above helpful? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for visiting.

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