How to Remove InShot Watermark from Video for Free

How to remove InShot watermark. When you edit a video using the InShot application, you will find that the video has a watermark in the form of an InShot logo or text after being saved to the phone gallery.

how to remove inshot watermark

Do you know why the InShot watermark appears in videos? This is because you installed and used the free version of the InShot app. Actually, not only InShot, almost all video editing apps will display a similar watermark if you use the free version.

Judging from the cause earlier, of course you already know how to remove watermark in InShot app, right? Yup, the way is to replace the free version of the InShot app you are using with the InShot pro app that doesn’t display a watermark.

The following is how to remove InShot watermark from video for you to know and practice.

How to Remove InShot Watermark for Free

Using the InShot pro app to delete InShot watermark doesn’t always pay. On the internet, there are many websites that provide the InShot app with no watermark that you can download for free, one of which is the HappyMod website. Here is how to download it.

  1. ‌Open the browser app on your phone, then visit the HappyMod website.
    visit happymod website

  2. ‌Search for “inshot” in the search box on the HappyMod website.

    search for inshot

  3. ‌Select and tap the InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker that you find.

    select inshot video editor

  4. ‌Tap on the Download APK button which also shows the file size you have to download.

    download inshot no watermark apk file

  5. ‌There are two types of InShot downloads without a watermark, you just select the usual download type by tapping the black download button.

    select download type

  6. ‌Fill in and skip the captcha then tap the Create Download Link button that appears after that.

    fill the captcha

  7. ‌At this point, wait for the InShot download process without a watermark to finish.

    wait downloading inshot process

  8. ‌Uninstall the InShot app you were previously using that is showing the watermark.

    uninstall inshot app

  9. ‌Change your InShot app by installing the InShot pro app that you downloaded earlier.

    install inshot app pro

Now, try to edit the video using the newly installed InShot app then save it. I am sure, the video that you save will not show watermark anymore. Don’t you know how to save InShot videos yet? Visit the previous article on this blog to view and learn the tutorial.

Keep in mind, the tutorial above is a way to prevent the InShot application from showing a watermark on the video to save. Therefore, to see the effect, you’ll have to create or edit a video from scratch again.

That’s the tutorial how to remove InShot watermark from video for free. Was the tutorial in this article helpful? Tell me in the comments below. Thank you for visitting.

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