How to Do Green Screen on Capcut, Here is the Tutorial

How to do green screen on Capcut. In video editing activities, a green screen is a video or image made on a green background. Although generally green, other solid colors like white, blue, red, etc. can actually be used as background colors for green screen videos.

how to do green screen on capcut

The green screen allows you to remove the background of the video and then replace it with a different background, it could be another video or image. The technique for doing this is called the “Chroma Key”.

The chroma key technique works with two videos overlapping each other in the same frame. Then, certain colors from the front video are removed so that other videos that are behind can be seen.

However, there are very few video editing apps for Android devices that can overlap two videos and also have a chroma key feature. The good news is, you can use the Capcut app which you can install for free on the Google Play Store. Visit and read: How to chroma key in Capcut

Even though it’s free, the Capcut application has very complete features compared to other video editing applications, even though it is premium. No wonder Capcut has become the number one most popular editing application in several countries, one of which is Indonesia.

Then, how to do Green Screen on Capcut? The tutorial is actually very easy. Immediately, you guys learn and practice step by step which I will demonstrate below.

How to Do Green Screen on Capcut

As I said at the start, despite the name “green screen”, actually other colors can also be edited with chroma key as long as it’s plain and no other objects are the same color.

That is, how to do green screen without green screen video can also practice the tutorial below.

  1. ‌Open your Capcut application and tap New project.
    create new project

  2. ‌Add a video or image to replace the green screen background which will be removed later.

    add video or photo

  3. ‌Open the Overlay menu at the bottom.

    open overlay menu

  4. ‌Tap Add overlay.

    add overlay

  5. ‌Find and add the green screen video that you have prepared.

    add green screen video

  6. ‌Find and tap the Chroma Key menu at the bottom.

    open chroma key menu

  7. ‌On the Color picker menu, pick the green color or the video background color to be removed.

    pick green or background color

  8. ‌On the Intensity menu, set the reset until the green color or background color you previously selected disappears. It doesn’t have to be 100%, just enough so that the background color is not visible.

    how do you use green screen on capcut

  9. ‌On the Shadow menu, you can give a shadow effect on the green screen video to make it look more attractive.

    make video shadow

  10. ‌Tap the check mark to apply a chroma key effect.
  11. ‌How to get rid of green screen on Capcut is complete. Lastly, save your video to gallery so you can share it on social media.

    how to green screen on capcut

Besides being able to be used to remove the green screen, the Overlay menu in the Capcut app can also be used to blur certain objects or parts of the video. Learn the tutorial on how to blur video in Capcut in another article.

For a more detailed and easy-to-understand tutorial on how to remove green screen in Capcut, watch and study the YouTube video below to the end.

That’s the tutorial how do you use green screen on Capcut. Do you think this article was helpful? Write your comments and experiences in the comments box at the bottom. That’s all and thank you.

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