How to Make Ringtones from Video Clips on Android

How to make ringtone from video song. Ringtone is a sound that usually sounds when there is an alarm, reminder, message, or incoming call on an Android smartphone. Sounds for ringtones are usually taken from tones or songs stored in the device gallery.

how to make ringtone from video

But in reality, the sound for a ringtone doesn’t necessarily have to come from a tone, music, or song file. You can also make a ringtone from a video in your camera roll or in your Android phone gallery app.

It is undeniable that video content on the YouTube and TikTok platforms sometimes has interesting background music and is suitable as a ringtone. Moreover, the TikTok platform allows users to save any video in it so that you can make a TikTok sound your ringtone more easily.

However, to make a video sound your ringtone on Android, you can’t do it directly in your Android’s alarm or call settings. Android ringtone settings cannot read and display a video file, so you must extract the sound from the video first into an audio file in .mp3 or .aac format.

Here is a tutorial on how to take audio from videos and make ringtones on Android as a tone for incoming calls, alarms, messages, reminders, and so on. Listen and follow the steps carefully.

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How to Make Ringtone from Video Song

To turn a video into a ringtone on Android, you need a video-to-audio converter application that is widely available for free on the Google Play Store service. In addition, you can also make ringtones from YouTube videos online by visiting video-to-ringtone converter websites on the internet.

As for how to make a ringtone from a video clip in this article, the application that I will use is the Video to MP3 Converter developed by InShot inc. Here’s the tutorial.

  1. Download and install the Video to MP3 converter app on your Android device.

    video to mp3 converter app

  2. Open the Video to MP3 Converter app then tap the Video to Audio menu.

    open the video to audio menu

  3. Select and tap the video that you want to set as a ringtone.

    select video you want to set as ringtone

  4. Name your audio file, change the format to MP3, set the Bitrate to 192kb/s, then tap Convert.

    converter menu settings

  5. After the video has been successfully converted to audio, tap the Set as menu.

    how to turn a video into a ringtone android

  6. Select set as Ringtone. You can also choose the Alarm or Notification option if you want.

    how to make a video sound your ringtone on android

For a tutorial on how to use TikTok video sounds as ringtones or alarms for Android that is more detailed and easy to understand, let’s watch and follow the tutorial in the YouTube video below.

Well, that’s how to make a ringtone from a video clip song on an Android smartphone using a free application called Video to MP3 Converter. Did you find the tutorial in this article helpful? Submit your feedback via the comment box below. Thank you.

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