Can You See Your TikTok Comments? Find out the Answer Here

Can you see your TikTok comments. TikTok is a social media platform that is currently trending and has hundreds of millions of users around the world ranging from celebrities, politicians, to the wider community.

can you see your tiktok comments

Just like other social media, TikTok also has a comment feature that can be used to interact with fellow users. Interestingly, you can see comments on TikTok without an account or as a guest user or anonymously.

To post comments on TikTok video content that you like, you must be logged into your TikTok account. Your TikTok username will be displayed above the comments and other users can visit your profile if they click on it.

After leaving a comment, can you see your TikTok comments again sometime? Find the answers and discussion below.

How to See Your Comments on TikTok

If you have commented on a video post on TikTok, you will always be able to see your comment at any time because the TikTok system will place your comment at the very top.

This does not mean that your comment is the top comment on a TikTok post. If the TikTok post you comment on has a lot of comments, chances are other TikTok users won’t find your comment because it’s buried by other users’ comments.

If it turns out that you can’t see TikTok comments, whether your own comments, top comments, or other users’ comments, there are several things that might be the cause. It is possible that TikTok is under maintenance or there may also be a connection problem on the internet that you are using.

So, who can see your comments on TikTok? If your comment is not in the top comments, then your comment can only be seen by yourself, your friends, and the people or TikTok users who have followed you.

In conclusion, the answer to the question can you see your TikTok comments is yes, you can view your comments at any time because the TikTok system will always put your comments at the top but not as top comments.

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