Macarena CapCut Template Link, Cool Tiktok Trend!

Macarena CapCut template. Macarena is one of the songs that has been trending on TikTok for a long time and has been widely used both as a dance challenge and as a backsound for random video content.

macarena capcut template

It’s so trendy that I think almost all TikTok users around the world of all ages know or have used Macarena’s song as a backsound for their video content.

There are several famous singers who have made a song called Macarena. Two of them are Los Del Río also known as The Del Rios which is a pop and dance duo from Latin Spain and Mario Bischin a music artist from Romania.

The good news is that the Macarena song by the two singers has already been templated by the template creator on the CapCut video editor app.

By using the Macarena CapCut template, you can create cool videos with backsounds from Macarena songs very easily because you only need to replace the photo with your photo.

In this article I have prepared for you two Macarena CapCut template links so you just have to click on them without having to search and find the macarena template again on the Templates menu in the CapCut app.

Ayy Macarena CapCut Template by Fikri Fathur | Macarena Remix CapCut Template by Ahmad ccp

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Macarena CapCut Template Edit Tutorial

  1. ‌Click one of the macarena CapCut template links above, for example a remixed version.‌
  2. Your browser app will open a new tab and it will access the macarena template page located on the website. Click the Use template in CapCut button.
  3. You will be automatically switched to the TikTok app and you can immediately find the ayy macarena CapCut template you want. Tap the Use template button.
  4. If you chose the Macarena remix CapCut template, choose 5 photos with an aspect ratio of 6:19, then tap Next to import them into the template.‌
  5. All your photos have been successfully imported into the template and you will be shown the preview. Tap Export to save to gallery.‌
  6. Choose the video resolution first, the higher the better but your video file size will also be bigger.‌
  7. To save a Macarena CapCut video template without a watermark, of course, choose the Export without watermark option.‌
  8. The process of exporting the video will take a few seconds, so just wait.‌
  9. Once the exporting process is complete, you will be automatically switched to the TikTok app, so you can directly upload your videos there if you want.
  10. Your macarena CapCut template has also been successfully saved to the gallery without a watermark, you can find it in the Videos album or in the DCIM Camera folder if on Android.

Those are the two macarena CapCut template links for you to download and edit for free and step by step using it. Want to get more CapCut templates? Please request your desired template in the comments below. Thank you.

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