AirDrop CapCut Template Link, New Trend 2023

AirDrop CapCut Template. The use of smartphones for video editing has become increasingly common in this digital era. However, not all mobile video editing tools are created equal. iPhones are known for their exceptional editing capabilities, and one of the latest features shaking up the video editing industry is AirDrop CapCut Template.

airdrop capcut template

In this article, we will explain what AirDrop CapCut Template is, discover who stands behind its creation, and discuss simple steps to make the most of it in your work.

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AirDrop CapCut Template: The Luxury of an iPhone in Your Hands

AirDrop CapCut Template is the latest breakthrough in video editing, allowing CapCut users to access templates in a manner reminiscent of the AirDrop feature on the iPhone.

This feature provides ease in quickly and easily sharing and importing selected templates, making the user experience more convenient.

But that’s not all – AirDrop CapCut Template also enriches templates with Top Flame and Slow Motion effects, making your edits more captivating and professional.

AirDrop CapCut Template Link

This innovative template is the work of a talented creator named Larsleticia. With their creativity, Larsleticia has captured the attention of over 20.37 thousand CapCut users. You can visit this template by clicking on the following link here.

By visiting this link, you will open the door to a collection of templates that can transform the look of your videos into something amazing.

How to Use AirDrop CapCut Template

Using AirDrop CapCut Template is very easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on the previously mentioned template link. This will open the CapCut website with the selected template.
  2. Once the CapCut website is open, you will see the “Use template in CapCut” button. Click on this button to start the template import process.
  3. After the CapCut app is open and displaying the template, tap the “Use template” button to add the template to your project.
  4. Import the 7 videos you want to edit into the project and tap “Preview” to see the final look of your project.
  5. Tap the “Export” button to save your edited video. You can choose your desired video resolution and be sure to select the “Export without watermark” option for a more professional result.
  6. Wait a moment as the CapCut app completes the exporting process.
  7. The edited video will automatically open in TikTok. You can easily share it with your friends and followers.
  8. Additionally, the edited video will also be saved in your phone’s gallery, allowing you to use it on various other social media platforms.


AirDrop CapCut Template is an innovative solution for CapCut users who want to bring a professional touch to every video they edit. Inspired by the AirDrop feature on the iPhone and enhanced with Top Flame and Slow Motion effects, this template brings the luxury of video editing right into your hands.

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