How to Check Samsung Warranty with IMEI and Serial Number

Samsung warranty check imei. In the rapidly evolving era of technology, Samsung devices have become an integral part of daily life.

samsung warranty check imei

With the increasing dependence on these advanced products, it is crucial for users to understand and leverage the warranty provided by Samsung.

Warranty serves not only as a guarantee of product quality but also as protection against possible damage or technical issues.

In this article, we will explore how to check the Samsung warranty using IMEI and serial number.

Checking Samsung Warranty with IMEI

1. Register Your Samsung Product

Before enjoying the warranty offered by Samsung, the initial step is to officially register your device.

Whether it’s a phone, laptop, tablet, TV, washing machine, monitor, SSD, refrigerator, or another Samsung product, the registration process can be done through the official Samsung website here.

2. Verify Samsung Warranty with IMEI

After registering your device, the next step is to verify the warranty status with the IMEI or serial number. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the Samsung Check Coverage website here.
  2. Choose the “Check my remaining coverage” option.
  3. Select the type of product you have registered.
  4. Enter the IMEI or Serial Number of your Samsung device, then verify your identity as a human, not a robot.
  5. Click Continue and wait for the checking process to proceed. Comprehensive information about your warranty status will be displayed promptly.

3. Other Samsung Warranty Check Services

In addition to using the official Samsung site, there are other websites that provide warranty checking services through IMEI. One of them is You can also use this service to check Samsung country with IMEI.

However, keep in mind that the information provided by these sites is estimated. To use, follow these steps:

  1. Check the IMEI of your Samsung device then note it down carefully..
  2. Visit the site through a browser application.
  3. Choose the “Check IMEI for free” service.
  4. Enter your Samsung IMEI number and click Check.
  5. Wait for the checking process to take place.
  6. In a short time, information about your Samsung product, including warranty status and expiration date, will be displayed.

The Importance of Checking Samsung Warranty

Checking the warranty is not only a formal requirement but also indicates our concern for the technological investment we own. Knowing the warranty period allows users to take proactive steps if there are issues or deficiencies with their Samsung devices.

Regularly Check Warranty Status

It is always wise to periodically check the warranty status of Samsung devices. Even if no issues are apparent, knowing the remaining warranty period can help users anticipate maintenance or needed care in the future.


Checking the Samsung warranty with IMEI and serial number is a crucial step for every Samsung product owner. By understanding the registration process and utilizing the IMEI or serial number, users can easily access information related to the warranty status.

A valid warranty not only provides peace of mind against potential damages but also serves as valuable post-sale support from Samsung. Therefore, engaging in the warranty checking process is a wise step to ensure an optimal user experience with your beloved Samsung device.

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