How to Blur Video in Capcut on the Whole, Background, and Certain Part of Video

How to blur in Capcut. “Blur” is an effect and technique in photography and videography that can make certain objects in an image become out of focus so that they appear blurry and indistinct.

how to blur video in capcut

The blur video effect can be created manually when taking or recording a video using the camera. The blur effect will be seen if you only focus the camera on one object, so that other objects that are not in focus will look blurry.

In addition, you can also give a blur effect to the video using video editing applications. You can use the blur effect in video editing apps to censor certain objects or parts of the video, make the video background blurry, and so on.

One of the video editing apps for Android devices that you can use to blur videos is Capcut. With this Capcut app, you can blur the entire video, or only in the background or certain parts of the video.

In the following I will give an example of a tutorial on how to blur videos in Capcut app for you to learn or if you need to practice.

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How to Blur the Entire Video in Capcut

In the first tutorial, I will show you how to add blur in Capcut app that will affect all objects or parts of the video.

  1. ‌Make sure that you are in the Capcut app editing project and have inserted the video that you are going to blur.
  2. ‌Open the Effects menu which you can find at the bottom.
    open effects menu

  3. ‌Open the Basic effects category.

    basic effects category

  4. ‌Search then select the Capcut blur effect you want to use.

    select blur effect

  5. ‌Tap the check mark to apply a blur effect.
  6. Finally, adjust the duration of the blur effect to your liking.

    adjust blur effect duration

How to Blur Background in Capcut

With the CapCut application, you can create a background for your video and then make it blurry. How is the tutorial? Learn how to blur background in Capcut below.

  1. ‌Open the Format menu at the bottom.
    open format menu

  2. ‌Select one of the available video size formats. For example, I chose 4:3 video format.

    select size video format

  3. ‌Open the Canvas menu next to the Format menu.

    open canvas menu

  4. ‌Select the Blur option.

    tap blur option

  5. ‌Choose the level of video background blur you want.

    how to blur background in capcut

  6. ‌Tap the check mark to apply a background blur in Capcut.

How Do I Blur Part of a Video in Capcut

Apart from the two tutorials above, you can also add a blur effect in CapCut to certain parts of the video. Just like how to do green screen on Capcut in the previous article, in this case you will also use the Overlay feature.

  1. ‌Open the Overlay menu and tap Add overlay in it.
    open overlay menu

  2. ‌Add the same video as your main video.

    add same video

  3. ‌Set the size of the overlay video to match the size of the main video.

    resize overlay video

  4. ‌Add a blur effect as in the first tutorial, then open the Object menu.

    open object menu

  5. ‌Apply blur effect from main video to overlay video.

    apply blur to overlay video

  6. ‌Reopen the Overlay menu and select the Mask menu that appears after you tap the overlay video layer.

    open mask menu

  7. ‌Select the mask shape that you want to use to blur certain objects in the video. For example I use a Circle shape.

    select mask shape

  8. ‌Finally, adjust the size and position of the circle shape so that you can blur the object perfectly.

    how do i blur part of a video

  9. ‌As usual, tap the check mark to apply a blur effect to a specific part of the video.

For a more detailed and easy-to-understand tutorial on making blur videos in CapCut, watch and study the YouTube video below to the end.

Well, that’s a tutorial on how to blur video in CapCut app on the whole or only in the background or certain parts of the video. Do you think this article is useful? I am waiting for your response via the comment box at the bottom. That’s all and thank you for visiting.

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