How to Blur Video Background on Android like Portrait Mode on Camera

How to blur video background in Android. As we know that on cameras, both digital cameras and cameras on smartphones, there is a feature called Portrait mode that can take photos or videos with a blurred background so that it only focuses on the object in it.

how to blur video background

Although it is a feature on the camera, it turns out that you can also make videos in portrait mode using video editor applications for Android such as KineMaster, CapCut, VN Video Editor, and so on.

The technique is very simple. You simply duplicate your video, then remove the background of one video and give a blur effect to the other video. That way, a video that focuses on objects with a blurry background is created, such as the results of video capture using portrait mode on the camera.

The question now, how to blur video background on Android to edit videos like portrait mode? Among the blur video background apps that I have mentioned above, in this article I will only discuss and recommend you to use the CapCut application because it is very easy to use.

Here is a tutorial on how to blur the background in videos using the CapCut application so that it looks like the result of portrait mode on the camera.

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How to Blur Video Background in Android using CapCut

To make the video background blurry and edit the video in portrait mode, please install the CapCut video editing application on your Android device first through the Google Play Store service. And the good news is that the CapCut application and all the features in it can be used completely for free without paying a penny, you know!

  1. ‌Create a new project in the CapCut app and add a video to which the background will be blurred.‌
  2. Copy or duplicate your videos.
  3. Move the copy video clip to the Overlay track and align its position with the main video.‌
  4. Remove the copy video background.
  5. Go to the Effects menu, select Video effects, tap the Basic effects category, then find and select the effect named Blur.‌
  6. Extend the duration of the blur effect according to the duration of the video.
  7. In the Object menu, make sure that the main video is selected.‌
  8. On the Adjust menu, you can adjust the level of video blur as you wish.‌
  9. How to blur video background on Android with the CapCut app has been completed. Now, play your video to see if the result is like the portrait mode on the camera or not.

Are you still having trouble following the steps above? You can watch the YouTube video below to the end for a tutorial on how to blur the video background on Android, which is more complete, detailed, and of course easy to understand.

What is your opinion after reading and practicing the tutorial in this article on how to blur the video background on Android using the CapCut application so that the results are like portrait mode on the camera? Give your response via the comment box below. Thank you for visiting.

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