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How to Add Border Frames to Videos on Android using the CapCut App

How to add border to video Android. To make videos look more attractive to viewers, as a content creator you can try to add additional elements, one of which is a border or frame on your video. The good news is, you can add frames to videos very easily even if you only use an Android smartphone.

how to add border to video android

In addition to making videos or photos seem more interesting, frames are also often used when there are certain events that will take place. Usually people who are involved in the event or just as supporters put a frame that has been designed by the committee on their photos or videos. Frame designs for an event they often refer to as twibbon.

There are many video editor apps that you can use to add borders to videos on Android. One of them is CapCut or previously called ViaMaker which you can install for free along with all the features in it through the Google Play Store service.

Why do I recommend CapCut and not another video editor app for adding frames to videos? I have two reasons. The first reason, in the CapCut app, there are many cool frames that you can use for free. As for the second reason, the CapCut app can also add borders to videos outside of the app, meaning that if you have your own border design like twibbon, you can insert your videos or photos into it.

In the following I will explain how to add a border frame in CapCut, both provided and your own custom border into a video.

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How to Add Border to Video in the CapCut

It's very easy to add borders to videos that are already available in the CapCut application. You just choose which border you like, then with just one click, the border will be directly added to each side of the video. Here's the tutorial.

  1. ‌Create a new project in CapCut and then add a video or photo to which you want to add a border.

    add video to the project

  2. ‌Open the Effects menu.

    open the effects menu

  3. ‌Select the Video effects menu option.

    select video effects menu option

  4. ‌Tap the Frame effect category, then choose the CapCut border effect you like.

    how to add frame to video in capcut

  5. ‌Finally, set the duration of the frame effect according to the duration of the video.

    adjust frame effects duration

How to Add Frames to Videos in CapCut as Twibbon

If you have your own twibbon or frame design and want to add it to your video, you can also use the CapCut app to do so.

However, the tutorial on how to add frames to videos in CapCut as a twibbon will certainly be very long and complicated if I write it in this article. Therefore, I have prepared the tutorial specifically in the form of a video and I have uploaded it on the YouTube platform. You can see the video below.

That's a tutorial on how to add a border to a video on Android and how to add a frame to a video in CapCut as a twibbon. If there is something you want to ask me, you can convey it through the comment box below. Thank you for visiting.

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