How to Use Graphs on CapCut for a Smooth Animation Effect

How to use graphs on CapCut new update. Some time ago, one of the famous video editor applications for mobile devices called CapCut has a new feature called Graphs. It didn’t take long, the Graphs feature immediately became a trend and was widely used by video editors.

how to use graphs on capcut

In my opinion, graphs is one of the best things you should to do on CapCut. Then, what is the function of the newest feature of CapCut? In short, the graphs feature can give you a smooth effect on the motion of your photo or video clip.

However, the graph feature can only work on clips that have been given a keyframe animation effect. That’s the reason why CapCut doesn’t let you use the graphs feature because you haven’t animated keyframes on objects or clips.

For a more detailed explanation and tutorial, here I will show you step by step how to use Graphs in CapCut to get smooth animated motions on clips for you to practice.

How to Use Graphs on CapCut

The purpose of using graphs is to customize the transitions between CapCut keyframes. You can make clip animation motion smoother, more dynamic, and many other styles than if you didn’t use the graph CapCut feature.

  1. Create a new project in the CapCut application.create a new project
  2. Add a photo or video clip.add a photo or video
  3. ‌Add two keyframe points to the clip.add two keyframes to the clip
  4. ‌Move the clip position at the second keyframe point.drag position of the clip on the second keyframe
  5. ‌Halfway between the two keyframes, open the Graphs the graphs menu
  6. ‌Choose one of the graphs effects you to use graphs on capcut new update
  7. ‌Finally, play your video clip and try to compare it with before being given the graphs effect.

For more complete steps in using graphs in CapCut as well as examples of the content, you can watch the YouTube video below until it’s finished.

Those were the tutorials and steps on how to use graphs on CapCut to get a smooth animation effect between keyframes. Did you find this article helpful? Please share your feedback in the comments column below. Thank you for visiting.

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