How to Get Motion Blur on CapCut, New Update 2022

How to get motion blur on CapCut. In this article, I will discuss one of the new features of the CapCut app which is certainly not to be missed.

how to get motion blur on capcut

The new feature of CapCut I’m referring to is Motion Blur. This feature can disguise transitions between different images thus making them look smoother.

Before CapCut had a Motion Blur feature, this motion blur effect was actually trending first on TikTok with the name VSMB (Video Star Motion Blur).

This effect trend is named after the application used, namely Video Star. This is indeed because at that time it was just a Video Star app that had features and could create motion blur effects.

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How to Get Motion Blur on CapCut, New Update

Because it is one of the new features, to get Motion Blur in CapCut, of course, you have to update the app to the latest version.

Use the Google Play Store service to update CapCut to the latest version on Android or take advantage of the App Store service to get motion blur in CapCut on iPhone or iOS.

How to Make Motion Blur on CapCut

Once you have the latest version of the CapCut app, it’s time for you to follow the steps on how to do motion blur in CapCut below.

  1. ‌Open the latest CapCut app on your smartphone.
  2. Create a new project.‌
  3. Select and add multiple photos or images.
  4. Set all durations of photos to 1.5 seconds or it’s up to you.
  5. Save it into a video file.
  6. Create a new project again and add a video of the saved photo earlier.‌
  7. Tap the video clip on the track or you can also open the Edit menu.‌
  8. Find and open the Motion Blur menu.‌
  9. Set the adjustments from Blur, Blend, Directions, and Times to taste.‌
  10. Tap the check button to apply the motion blur effect.
  11. Wait a few moments for the process of applying the CapCut motion blur effect to complete.
  12. Finally, play your video to see the results of the motion blur effect you have created.

Why Can’t I Use Motion Blur on CapCut?

You need to know, CapCut motion blur effect can only be applied to video clips and not to photos or images.

In addition, the video that will be given a motion blur effect must also have a different scene. So if CapCut’s Motion Blur doesn’t look like it’s working, it could be that your video only has one scene.

For a more detailed tutorial and recommendations for the best CapCut motion blur settings, watch the YouTube video below to the end. Please also subscribe to my channel if you find it helpful.

Those are the steps on how to get a Motion Blur in CapCut new update, how to make a motion blur in CapCut, and solutions to why CapCut motion blur cannot be used. Hope this article can help you and thank you for visiting.

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