How to Remove Object from Photo on Android with AI

Remove object from photo AI. When taking a photo in a crowded place, it is not uncommon for other objects such as people, vehicles, animals, and others to be included in the frame.

how to remove object from photo android

The good news is that there are now several free apps to remove objects from photos available on the Google Play Store service that you can use to clean your photos of unwanted objects.

One of the object removal apps for Android that you can use is SnapEdit. With its AI technology, you can remove an object out of a photo with just one click.

Here are some steps to use the SnapEdit app to remove unwanted objects from photos for you to practice.

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How to Remove Object from Photo with SnapEdit AI Feature

Day by day AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is growing rapidly in all fields to facilitate human work, including in terms of image editing.

In the past, the most common way to get rid of objects in photos was to use the Clone Stamp feature found in some popular photo editor apps.

The Clone Stamp tool allows you to copy pixels from one area of a photo and paste them over another area. This can be useful for covering up small objects in a photo.

Whereas with AI, the removal of objects from photos becomes very easy. The AI will detect all objects in the photo as well as fill in the background automatically after the object is deleted.

Below are the steps to use the AI technology proprietary by the SnapEdit app to quickly remove any person or object in the photo.

  1. ‌Download and install the SnapEdit app on your Android phone via the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and tap the Remover menu.‌
  3. Select a photo that you want to remove the object from.‌
  4. Choose the Auto AI tool.‌
  5. Select whichever object you want to remove.‌
  6. Tap Remove.‌
  7. Finally, save your photo to the gallery.

In addition to the Auto AI feature, the SnapEdit app also has a Brush tool. It can be useful to select objects freely or in case the object you want to delete is not detected by the AI.

If you are still struggling while following the steps above, I have made the tutorial video below to make it easier. If interested, please also subscribe to my channel.

That’s step by step how to remove unwanted objects from photos on Android using AI technology from the SnapEdit app. Hope this article can help you and thank you for visiting.

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