How Much is CapCut Pro Per Month and Per Year?

How much is CapCut Pro? In the current digital era, video editing has become a common activity for many people, whether it’s for personal content, business promotional videos, or even short film production. Video editing has become an integral part of our lives, and one of the well-known video editing software is CapCut Pro.

how much is capcut pro

CapCut Pro is a popular video editing application used by many people worldwide. Developed by Bytedance, the same company behind the famous TikTok app, CapCut Pro offers various features and tools that allow users to create engaging and professional videos.

Does CapCut Pro Cost Money?

The answer is yes; CapCut Pro does require payment. While the application is available for free download and use, there is also a paid version called CapCut Pro. By subscribing to CapCut Pro, users can access additional features and editing tools that are not available in the free version.

How Much is CapCut Pro?

CapCut Pro offers several subscription options with different prices. Users can choose to subscribe monthly or annually, depending on their needs and preferences. Here are the price details for CapCut Pro:

  1. ‌CapCut Pro one month price: Rp159,000‌
  2. CapCut premium one-year cost: Rp1,249,000
  3. Initial payment for annual subscription: Rp630,000
  4. CapCut Pro monthly subscription price: Rp129,000

With a CapCut Pro subscription, users will gain access to various premium features such as special effects, advanced editing tools, and ad removal. Additionally, the CapCut Pro subscription also provides better customer support and regular updates to ensure an optimal user experience.

How Much is CapCut Pro in the UK, Philippines, and Australia?

Although CapCut Pro prices may vary in each country, prices in some countries like the UK, Philippines, and Australia tend to be similar. To estimate the price of CapCut Pro in these countries, we can convert the currency from the Indonesian price to the local currency.

1. United Kingdom (UK):

  1. Monthly subscription price: approximately £8.49‌
  2. Annual subscription price: approximately £66.99

2. Philippines:

  1. ‌Monthly subscription price: approximately ₱299‌
  2. Annual subscription price: approximately ₱2,349

3. Australia:

  1. ‌Monthly subscription price: approximately AUD 14.99‌
  2. Annual subscription price: approximately AUD 117.99

Please note that currency exchange rates can fluctuate, so the prices mentioned above are only estimates and may change over time.


The price of the CapCut Pro app varies depending on the subscription option chosen, whether it’s monthly or annually. CapCut Pro is a popular video editing application used by many people worldwide. While it’s available for free, users also have the option to subscribe to CapCut Pro to access premium features and enhance their user experience.

In some countries like the UK, Philippines, and Australia, CapCut Pro prices tend to be similar to the prices in Indonesia when converted to the local currency. However, it’s important to note that prices can vary and depend on the current exchange rates.

With CapCut Pro, users can take their video editing experience to the next level with the best features offered by the app. Whether you’re a content creator, business owner, or just someone who enjoys editing videos, CapCut Pro can be a great choice for creating engaging and professional videos.

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