How to Move Audio in CapCut: Tutorial for Beginner

How to move audio in CapCut. In this digital era, video editing has become a common activity for many people. Whether it’s for personal purposes like capturing special family moments or for business needs like creating engaging content for social media, video editing plays a crucial role.

how to move audio in capcut

One important aspect of video editing is the synchronization between video and audio. Therefore, it’s crucial for beginners in video editing to understand and master how to move audio within a CapCut editing project.

How to Move Audio in CapCut

CapCut is one of the popular and user-friendly video editing applications. To move audio within a CapCut editing project, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Import audio into the CapCut editing project

Before moving audio, make sure you’ve imported the audio you want to use into the CapCut editing project. You can import audio from your device or use audio provided by the application. Read the article: How to add audio in CapCut.

2. Trim the necessary audio

After importing audio into the project, the next step is to trim the audio to extract the needed parts. This can be done by pressing and holding the audio on the timeline, then sliding the timeline marker to determine the starting and ending positions of the audio you want to cut.

Next, tap the scissors icon to cut the audio into the desired segments. Learn more in the article: How to cut audio in CapCut.

3. Tap the audio clip on the timeline

After cutting the audio, you need to locate the audio clip you want to move on the timeline. Select your audio clip to activate it, as indicated by the appearance of the editing menu at the bottom.

4. Drag the audio clip

Once you’ve found the audio clip you want to move, touch and hold that audio clip. Then, drag or move the audio clip to the designated video area. You can drag the audio clip left or right to adjust synchronization with the video.

In CapCut, you can also use other features to edit audio, such as adjusting the volume, adding sound effects, or manipulating audio with specific effects. These features can help you create a more engaging audio experience in your videos.

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Learning how to move audio in a CapCut editing project is an essential step in video editing. By understanding how to relocate audio, video editing beginners can synchronize video with audio more effectively. The steps explained above can assist video editing beginners in moving audio easily and efficiently.

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