How to Blur Video in VN Video Editor App

How to blur in VN app. Blur is one of the effects in photography and videography that can make objects, certain parts, or the entire image look blurry and unclear.

how to blur video in vn app

There are two ways to blur video on your Android phone. The first way, you can do when taking video using the default camera application. Focus your camera on one object then the rest of the image that is not in focus will be blurred.

The second way, you can edit video blur using video editor applications such as KineMaster, CapCut, and VN. For a tutorial on how to blur video in CapCut, I have prepared in another article.

As in this article, I will explain how to make a video blur in VN Video Editor. You can download and install the VN app on your Android phone for free through the Google Play Store service.

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How to Blur Video in VN Video Editor

Until now the VN app actually doesn’t have a video effects feature that can edit blur videos easily and quickly. It can be said that VN applications are still far behind compared to similar applications, especially CapCut and KineMaster.

Even so, you can still blur videos in the VN app by blurring the background and then hiding the videos in the project. Here are the steps.

  1. ‌Open the VN app that has been installed on your Android phone.‌
  2. Tap the plus button and create a new project.‌
  3. Select the video you want to blur and add it to the project.
  4. Open the BG (Background) menu at the bottom.
  5. Tap the Image option.
  6. Adjust the video blur level as desired.‌
  7. Hide videos in the project by dragging it upwards until your blurry video is visible.
  8. Finally, save your blur video to the gallery.

By practicing the above steps, your video will become blurry overall. If you want to blur a certain part of a video on Android, you better use CapCut, or wait for me to make a tutorial using the VN Video Editor application.

That’s the tutorial on how to blur video in VN Video Editor that you can practice. Did you find this article helpful? Write your feedback in the comment box below. Thank you for visiting.

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