How to Save Video from CapCut to Gallery Up to 15 Minutes

How to save video from CapCut. Have you finished editing a video using the Capcut application? If so, then now all you have to do is save your edited video to the gallery so you can share it with friends on social media such as TikTok, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

how to save video from capcut

Apart from “save”, there are many other words used by video editing applications to named the menus or features for saving videos to the gallery, such as export, render, share, or even with just an icon. Whatever the name, they all have the same function and are the final stage of the entire video editing process.

In the CapCut application, saving videos to the gallery you can do very easily. This is because you don’t need a lot of video output settings like other video editing applications do.

In addition, even though it is a free application, the CapCut application can save videos for up to 15 minutes or more. This is one of the advantages of CapCut, considering that other video editing applications must be upgraded to premium to be able to do this.

For more details, let’s see and follow how to save video in CapCut application, which I will explain below.

How to Save Video from CapCut to Gallery

Before proceeding to how to export videos in CapCut, you should make sure that you have actually finished editing the video. For example, here I will save the video that I have added a transition effect to. Read: How to transition in CapCut

  1. ‌On the CapCut application video editing project screen, tap the Export button in the upper right corner.
    tap export menu

  2. ‌Determine the video resolution level and video frame rate that you want to use. You need to know, the higher the resolution and frame rate you set, the larger the estimated video file size will be.

    output video settings

  3. ‌Tap the Export button.
  4. Video is being exported. Therefore, just wait until the process is complete.

    how to export video in capcut

  5. ‌How to save Capcut video to gallery is done. Now, you can also directly share the video on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on.

    video saved to gallery

  6. ‌Check the gallery application on your smartphone. You will find videos that have been saved from CapCut in the “Videos” album.

    located video on gallery

  7. ‌Apart from the gallery, you can also find CapCut videos in internal storage > DCIM > Camera.

    located video on storage

Another CapCut tutorial: How to add text in CapCut

If you have edited photos with the CapCut application and want to save them, you cannot practice the tutorial above because your photos will be saved in the .mp4 video format. Then, how to save photos on CapCut? Learn the tutorial on how to anime in CapCut in another article.

To make it easier for you to practice the tutorial on how to save videos from CapCut, watch the YouTube video below to finish.

Well, that’s all the tutorial in this article about how to save videos from CapCut to gallery up to 10 minutes or more. Do you think this article is useful? I am waiting for your response via the comment box at the bottom. That is all and thank you.

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