World is Spinning CapCut Template Free and How to Edit It

World is spinning CapCut template. As is well known, CapCut is a video editor app that features templates or presets that are always updated every day. Currently there are thousands of video templates and all of them can be used for free.

world is spinning capcut template

Templates or presets are a feature that I think all video editor apps must have. This is because it can really help its users in making cool videos easily and quickly even if they are a beginner or have no video editing skills yet.

The template feature of the CapCut app itself is really cool. All you need to do when you use it is just replace the photo or video with what you have. Even more interesting, you can freely choose whether you want your video to be saved with or without a watermark.

Of the thousands of CapCut templates available, many of them are trending especially on the TikTok platform. One of them is the world is spinning CapCut template which uses a song by DMAD. You can download and use the template for free at the link below.

World is Spinning CapCut Template Link

And for how to edit the world is spinning CapCut trend, learn and follow the steps below.

World is Spinning CapCut Template Edit Tutorial

  1. ‌Click the CapCut world is spinning template link above.‌
  2. A new tab opens by accessing the web page where the world is spinning template is located. Click Use template in CapCut menu.
  3. The CapCut app will automatically open on your phone. You can directly use the world is spinning preset by tapping the Use template button.‌
  4. Select the two photos you will use and add them to the template by tapping the Next button.
  5. Your world is spinning template video preview will play. Tap the Export button to save it to the gallery.‌
  6. Choose a video resolution of 720 pixels or it’s up to you.
  7. Choose the export without a watermark option so that your video doesn’t have the CapCut logo in it.
  8. Wait a few seconds until the video exporting process is complete.‌
  9. If you have installed the TikTok app, it will open automatically and you can directly upload your videos there.
  10. Your video has been saved to the gallery, precisely in the Videos folder and of course without a watermark.

Besides the world is spinning, I have shared several other trending templates such as photo mo CapCut template, Habibi CapCut, suave CapCut template, and Kemce CapCut template. You can find them all in the CapCut Templates category on this blog.

That’s the world is spinning CapCut template free download and a tutorial on how to use it for you to practice. Want to get more CapCut templates? Please request your desired template in the comments below. Thank you.

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